Call 811 Before You Dig

always call 811 before you dig

One Call Center is a free service to inform underground utilities or pipeline owners of any called-in excavation activities that could potentially affect their underground facilities. The facility owner, in turn, provides specific location information to the excavator and marks the underground facility with above-ground APWA (American Public Works Association) color-coded markings.

One Call Centers serve as the clearinghouse for excavation activities that are planned close to pipelines and other underground utilities. One Call Centers help to protect underground telephone service, power lines, water and sewer pipes and energy pipelines.

The One Call Center programs work like this: A call center is set up so that anyone who will be digging or excavating using any kind of equipment from shovels to mechanized equipment (i.e. commercial contractors, road maintenance crews, telephone pole installers, fence builders, landscape companies or home owners) can make one telephone call to give notice of their plans to dig in a specific area 48 and sometimes up to 72 hours prior to any excavation activity.

The person doing the project must wait the specified time during which the marking of the facilities is accomplished before beginning the project. Everyone has to cooperate so that the project can be completed as planned and the underground facilities are marked and protected during the work.

Calling 811 before you dig works.  When a call is made, the chances of damage are only one percent, according to the Common Ground Alliance.  Since the 811 number was established, the number of total damages due to “failure to call 811/One Call Center” has consistently dropped.