What Is Batching?

Many liquid petroleum pipelines transport different types of liquid petroleum in the same pipeline. To do so, the pipeline operator sends different products in “batches”. For example, an operator might send gasoline for several hours, and then switch to jet fuels, before switching to diesel fuel. The process of tracking the customer’s batch or product through the pipeline is done through scheduling. Once the product has been scheduled and actually transported, a ticket is written that shows the type of product transported, the amount, transportation origination and destination points, and the owner.

Throughout the process, the product is measured at the receipt point in the pipeline and again upon delivery to document the amount of product moved from point A to point B.  Many pipeline systems require the shipper to meet defined common product specifications for each product shipped.  What is delivered for the shipper at the point of delivery may not be the same fuel shipped, but it will meet the same specifications (e.g., regular unleaded gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel).